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      The Warm Defender Concealed Carry Coat by Tactica Defense Fashion is ideal for when you need ultimate comfort, warmth, and concealment abilities.

      Made of 100% woven cotton, this coat is not only warm, but durable. When you touch the outside of this coat, you can feel its strength, but when you slip it on, you’ll be delightfully surprised by the sheer softness and comfort. 

      With the Warm Defender Coat, you have options. Two snap cuffs on the wrists allow you to adjust the fit to your liking. Two drawstrings on the inside of the coat, as well as the bottom, allow you to fasten the coat tightly around your waist if you’d prefer. No matter which option you choose, this coat will offer the deep concealment you need. 

      With ample room available for your essentials, this coat offers several storage options. Two front pockets snap shut, and allow you to carry extra items such as a cell phone or a spare magazine. For closer access, two front chest pockets close with a hook and loop fastener to keep your gun secure, and are lined with TPE for proper trigger guard protection. Two ambidextrous pockets are also offered on the inside for extra storage.