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      You know what’s annoying? Not owning a universal holster and buying a new holster for every gun you own. It’s only natural to carry different types of guns for different situations, so before you know it, you’re spending lots of money, and you’re drowning in holsters.

      How did your life get so complicated?

      We don’t want you to struggle anymore. Tactica has combined TPE polymer material with an effective grippy material to bring you a safe and functional universal pistol holster that will accommodate a wide range of pistol make and models. So, you can jump for joy (figuratively, of course), and use one holster to carry a multitude of firearms!

      magine a holster so light, small, and easy to use, you wonder…where has this holster been all my life? One simple belt clip on our universal IWB holster securely attaches to your gun belt, and you’re ready to deeply conceal a variety of firearms.

      A grippy, textured outside material securely grasps to any type of clothing, so you don’t have to worry about your holster moving around as you triumphantly march on through your day. Unlike some other holsters, our grippy material is long-lasting so you won’t need to constantly replace your holster.