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      Are you looking for the best OWB holster for women? Most holsters today are still designed for men, so it can be hard to find the slim, low-riding holster that you need.

      Finding a high-quality holster that’s comfortable and practical shouldn’t be hard. At Tactica, your comfort and security come first, so our expert engineers have designed an OWB Holster specifically to fit women’s body types.

      Concealment might not be your goal, but sometimes it’s nice to have that option. Our lengthened, ultra-slim holster design allows you to easily conceal your OWB holster if you need to. Simply toss your shirt or a cardigan over your holster, and you’re good to go!

      Our hybrid holster design features a custom-molded polymer shell that fits the exact make and model of your firearm. But you’re unique, and so is your draw. That’s why our OWB holster features adjustable retention, so you can create a fit that’s perfect for you.

      How can EDC be practical if your holster isn’t comfortable? Made with a breathable, neoprene backing, our OWB holster will feel tight and snug against your skin.

      Reinforced with a spring steel core, you can count on this durable holster to properly support your firearm through thick and thin.