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      Instead of merely adding a print and calling it the best IWB holster for women, we started from scratch with this holster’s innovative design. Its neutral black composition allows it to be less noticeable, and we crafted it specifically with women’s body types and clothing choices in mind.

      Between skinny jeans and form-fitting tops, we know how difficult it can be to find the best women’s IWB holster that stays hidden and undetectable under stylish clothing. That’s why we designed our holster with the smallest footprint possible.

      Each holster is custom-made for your firearm, ensuring the slimmest fit with your choice of handgun. During production, every holster is heat-molded and made of a premium polymer blend—more durable and wear-resistant than traditional women’s IWB hybrid holsters. Your safety is our top priority, so we created a holster that will keep the trigger of your firearm completely covered while holstered.

      You can easily adjust the cant and ride height to accommodate your carry style, and with no tools being required! The adjustable passive retention on this IWB holster is easy to customize in order to suit your draw, so you can put this holster anywhere on your waistline that’s most comfortable to you.

      To wear the Tactica Defense Fashion IWB Holster, simply place the holster in the desired location inside your waistline. Pinch the tab on the holster clips and pull it over your belt, then zip your pants and buckle your belt.

      Our flexible base is made with a layer of breathable neoprene, allowing the holster to fit comfortably on any body type, while the steel core maintains enough rigidity to keep your draw consistent every time. The neoprene backing makes this the most comfortable IWB holster available, and allows this holster to fit comfortably on any body type.

      Wear what you want, when you want, and never sacrifice safety for style with this IWB holster!

      All of our holsters are made in beautiful northern Idaho and are covered by our Forever Warranty. Not sure if this is the holster for you? Try it risk-free with our 30-Day Test Drive. If you don’t love your holster in the first thirty days, return it for a refund!

      To purchase this revolutionary IWB concealed carry holster, simply choose your gun and preferred handedness, then you’re ready to check out!