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      t can be hard trying to find an ankle holster that’s just right for you–especially when most of them are designed for men! You might spend hours online, only to end up ordering a holster that isn’t comfortable or secure.

      We get it - women can’t just throw on a men’s ankle holster and call it good. That’s why Tactica has designed an ankle holster specifically for women. Handcrafted and made of the highest quality materials, you’ll be set up to carry safely and comfortably, which is exactly how it should be.

      Holsters that are made of leather can be uncomfortable and require a longer break-in time. Our premium ankle holsters are made with a neoprene inner padding. This comfortable, breathable material will make it easy to carry all day, every day, and there’s no break-in time.

      Is there anything more annoying than your ankle holster sliding down your ankle? With our unique grip-strip™ design, you can say goodbye to that problem. Specifically designed for women, our grip strip keeps your ankle holster from riding down, so you can conceal without difficulty.