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      This small American Flag gun concealment case features two hidden locking compartments that are perfect for storing a wide variety of items, from knives to firearms. The top compartment is the smaller of the two and is the perfect place to store a pistol, while the larger bottom compartment is ideal for storing multiple different items. 

       Each compartment is filled with Kaizen closed-cell foam that is easily customizable. Regardless of what you are trying to conceal, you can cut the foam insert to that item’s exact shape. Additionally, this gun concealment flag comes standard with magnetic locks, however, we do offer digital RFID locks if you’re interested in an even more secure option.

      For this particular flag, we offer 16 different designs that include a line down the middle separating the American flag from another logo. As with all of our wooden flags, this one is hand-manufactured and finished in Southwest Missouri to ensure the best quality product on the market.


      Exterior 31" x 20"


      Upper Compartment 13" x 10"

      Lower Compartment    28.5" x 8"