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      Elite shooting range bags are the most durable range bags on the market. These American made range bags are constructed of Ballistic nylon with a padded reinforced bottom. Inside are two zippered, padded pockets for handguns, each with a padded divider that can be removed and used as a gunmat. These dividers provide padding between the guns so that two guns can be carried in each pocket for a total of four or more guns in the medium and large U.S. Ballistics shooting bags. (no dividers in mini range bag) All three sizes have a lift-out insert for easy access to contents, and better visibility. The outer bag and divided insert can be used independently for extra storage and maximum versatility.

      The medium and large range bags also have two adjustable partitions inside and removable magazine holders which hold 10-12 magazines. Outside is one large compartment pocket on one side and two flat pockets as well as identification holder on the other. These American made range bags for sale come with a removable shoulder strap.

      Made in the USA

       Part Number Fits Length Height Width Price
      RBB (large) up to 8.5" autos 18" (46cm) 11" (28cm) 10" (25cm) 149.95
      RBBM (medium) up to 6.5" autos 15" (38cm) 10" (25cm) 10" (25cm) 134.95
      MRBB (mini) up to 5" autos 11" (28cm) 9" (23cm) 6" (15cm) 89.95