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      Packing light has never been more tactical as with the Tactica Day Trip Backpack. This light but roomy backpack is perfect for overnight outings that don't require much more than a change of clothes, with good storage space for minimalist getaways.

      This bag doesn't bombard you with features that you don't need or want. It's a simple day trip backpack with a few smart features built into it the Tactica Defense Fashion way.

      The bag has a generous main compartment with one zippered organizer pocket. Throw a change of clothes inside, a few accessories, maybe a pair of flats, and you're ready to go. There's also a small accessory pocket for a phone charger or any other small item, with a flap enclosure and tie strings for securing it.

      There's also an external pouch for carrying any exterior items. The external pouch on this day trip backpack can be secured with our quick-release parachute hook. This spring-loaded hook and ring locks down securely, but can be opened quick, for fast access but secure storage.

      Adjustable and comfortable straps let you carry this pack in comfort, along with a carrying handle for easy transport.

      The Tactica Day Trip Backpack comes backed by our limited warranty on accessories, including a 10-day return policy and a 30-day limited warranty against any manufacturing damage or defects. Dress to protect, and then outfit yourself with great accessories that are tactical and practical with Tactica Defense Fashion!