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      The Coveresque Concealment Dress by Tactica is a life saver for when you want to rock a sophisticated dress, but don’t want to wear a thigh holster. Designed specifically for concealed carry, this stylish dress allows quick, easy access to your firearm, so you don’t have to say goodbye to your fabulous style in order to dress for protection.

      Dresses often pose a challenge for concealed carry, because it can be difficult and time consuming to access a firearm from a belly band, IWB, corset, or shoulder holster—no matter how loose or short the dress is. This is why many women opt to wear a thigh holster if they want to wear a dress. However, at Tactica, we believe you deserve more options. If you love to wear dresses, but you’d prefer to conceal carry above or around the waist, Tactica offers the perfect solution.

      With two secret ambidextrous pockets allowing quick access to your firearm, you no longer have to sacrifice your preferred method of concealed carry. Our innovative concealed carry design won’t block access to a belly band, corset, IWB, or shoulder holster.

      Made of 100% polyester, this sleek modern dress employs a classy button up design that will have you feeling sophisticated and empowered everywhere you go.

      A slim collar and buttoned sleeves exude an elegant, classy look for when you’re in professional or upscale environment. Or, simply anytime you want to feel confident about what you’re wearing, and competent that you’ll be able to draw your firearm in seconds.

      Available in red, blue, and black, this dress can blend into any event. Offered in six different sizes, this loose and semi-flowy dress offers deep concealment without sacrificing style. Please refer to our sizing chart to ensure you pick out the dress that’ll fit you best.