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      Contemporary Concealed Carry Handbag

      You don’t have to sacrifice style, comfort, or safety with the Tactica Defense Fashion Contemporary Concealed Carry Handbag. Designed for the complex needs of a concealed carry lifestyle, this purse offers generous room without bulk, and deep concealment without risk. No longer do you have to settle for bland or unsafe concealed carry. With this sleek purse on your side, you’ll feel fashion forward and well prepared to protect yourself everywhere you go.

      Made of saffiano polyurethane, our concealed carry purse presents a sophisticated upscale look for excellent value. Lined with smooth cotton on the inside and offered in black, red and green, this fabulous purse can match any outfit.

      Equipped with a separate concealed carry compartment just for your firearm, you can conceal deeply and securely. With ambidextrous openings, you’re able to draw quickly from either side. A hook and loop fabric inside the compartment allows you to attach a holster so your trigger guard is properly protected and your firearm is retained safely. The purse can also be used with our Hook and Loop Holster if a more precise fit and retention is desired.

      Carry this purse how you want! Two purse handles attached with gold-colored hardware allow you to carry your firearm close to your chest, while a detachable, adjustable over-the-shoulder strap allows you to free up your hands and spread the weight out more evenly.

      You need to conceal your firearm, but you also need enough room for your daily essentials. Our purse offers generous room for storage, including a pocket just perfect for your cell phone or other small accessories.

      Ready to give stylish concealed carry a try? Try our purse risk free with a 10-day trial period and a 30-day warranty. Start feeling empowered to conceal carry in style!