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      The CO Shooter's Belt from Elite Survival Systems is made from the toughest materials available. The Elite Survival Systems shooting belt rig incorporates special Scuba nylon webbing, structured inner core, reinforced stitching, and features a COBRA® quick-release buckle by AustriAlpin. COBRA® buckle belts are the safest, most finely crafted, and strongest load-bearing hardware on the market today. These high quality materials combined with unrivaled American craftsmanship make the CO Shooter's Belt the ideal platform for any gear rig. Buckle up with this 1.5" Cobra belt!

      • 1.5" heavy-duty resin treated scuba webbing
      • Stiffened inner core provides ideal holster and accessory platform
      • Reinforced stitching
      • Velcro adjustable
      • Available in Black, Coyote Tan, and Wolf Gray
      • Available in 5 sizes
        • SM: 26" - 31"
        • M: 32" - 38"
        • L: 39" - 44"
        • XL: 45" - 50"
        • XXL: 51" - 56"