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      The Classy Concealment Two Piece Top is a perfect accessory for stylish concealed carry. Expertly designed with concealed carry in mind, this fashionable top allows quick access to your firearm without sacrificing elegance or comfort.

      Many fashionable tops make it difficult for you to realistically access your firearm, which can pose a safety risk in a potentially dangerous situation. If you like to carry concealed using a belly band holster or corset holster, it can be awkward and time consuming drawing your firearm. That’s why Tactica has designed this two piece top to accommodate an easy, fast draw. Now you can conceal carry safely, and look great at the same time!

      Made of high twisted viscose and spandex, this soft and stretchy two piece top will have you feeling sleek, cool, and sophisticated everywhere you go. This two piece set includes a silky soft tank top, and a long sleeve cover. With two ambidextrous secret slits in front, you’ll have immediate access to your firearm from either a corset or belly band holster.

      The Classy Concealment Two Piece Top is available in several different colors to match any outfit, including wine, olive, blue, grey melange, black solid, and rocky road. This two piece is offered in several different sizes, so please refer to the sizing chart to ensure you order a top that’s the best fit for you.