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      The Skinny

      Raising a daughter in today’s society can be challenging. You’re very protective of them and that’s awesome but you can give them lifelong protection by developing qualities of independence in them. Let down all the stereotypes of the damsel in distress and instead, raise your daughter’s right.

      Raising Tactical Daughters spreads the message that we should raise our daughters to be driven, ambitious, independent, strong women. We envision a future where your daughters are not pressured by society but accept themselves wholeheartedly and unleash their full potential. A future where your daughters spend their lives with their choice and not their needs is undoubtedly, the best one for them. Raising Tactical Daughters ingrains in them a sense of fearlessness and acceptance of who they are.

      Customer satisfaction is a priority to us and we care for your daughters and their futures. The world is nothing but a battlefield where everyone fights for survival. 

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      CEO and Founder Kevin Coles of Raising Tactical Daughters.

      I created Raising Tactical Daughters for my little girl Emmie. I wanted something for her to grow into and be inspired by. It's not just about being tactical but being well rounded, Our motto is Strong | Intelligent | Independent because those are the foundational skills i believe will help her be successful. My first assignment is to protect her, the second is to teach her how to protect herself and hopefully if done right i'll have one Bad-ass little girl!

      You are powerful, Brave and Beautiful. You know what you want and you know how to get it. Trust your gut. Fight for the truth, protect the vulnerable and speak from the heart. Be the change the world needs. Rise up and fight for your purpose. You Deserve it, you've worked for it, you're worthy of it. Believe in yourself. "The Gypsy Mumma"


      Teach her to be strong, let her fail. focus on her character. and most importantly believe in her.


      Teach her to be intelligent, Focus on Academics let her fix her mistakes, limit technology and set expectations.


      Teach her to be Independent, she doesn't need anyone rather wants them. Pursue a passion, have values, make decisions and take risks.