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      Elegant Protection Concealed Carry Handbag

      Tactica Defense Fashion has all of your concealed carry needs covered with the Elegant Protection Concealed Carry Handbag. If you’re looking for a smartly designed purse that keeps your firearm safely retained but also compliments your personal style, look no further. Offering ample room for storage and a compartment just for your firearm, you’ll never be tempted to leave the house without your firearm again!

      Made of lychee polyurethane, this purse presents a sleek, sophisticated finish for great value. Available in yellow, black, and navy, you’ll be equipped to rock any outfit—no sacrifices necessary!

      Designed for comfort and safety, this purse also has your complex daily needs in mind. Sometimes you need generous storage room to accommodate the different portions of your day. Three separate roomy compartments allow you to stay organized and prepared at all times. A zipper closure compartment will keep smaller items from falling out, while a magnet closure compartment gives you quick access to larger items like a book or packed lunch.

      With separate storage designed just for your firearm and lined with a hook and loop fabric that attaches to a holster which is included with the purse so you can keep your firearm safely retained. Our hook and loop holster can also be paired with this purse for greater retention and a more precise fit.

      Even while offering generous room, this purse is surprisingly light and comfortable to carry. Designed to meet your varying needs, this purse can be carried with standard purse handles, or using a detachable over the shoulder strap.

      On the fence about whether to give this purse a try? No problem, we have you covered. Every concealed carry method needs a test drive, so we offer a 10-day trial period, as well as a 30-day warranty, so you can give this purse a try risk free!

      Start dressing to protect today!