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      AR500 Armor® Micro Plate Carrier with Body Armor and Pouches - (Carrier made of NON-Ballistic materials)

      The AR500 Armor® Micro Plate Carrier is the industry’s leading option for running 8" x 10" body armor on both small and large frame operators! Built from the ground up to be rugged, comfortable, and versatile, our Micro Plate Carrier accommodates a wide range of applications and sizes.

      The AR500 Armor® Micro Plate Carrier is an excellent option for small or female frames, or those looking to reduce weight but still gain protection of your vitals. Make no mistake, our 8" x 10" body armor still provides adequate coverage of your heart, blood vessels above your heart, and a good portion of your lungs even on larger individuals. It's a common misnomer than larger is better. When it comes to armor, protection and mobility are the ideal choices. The AR500 Armor® Micro Plate Carrier is compact yet effective for a variety of frames, youth to adult.

      Proudly made in the USA, our Micro Plate Carrier features high quality stitching and has been engineered to last. Shoulder and side mounted ITW GT Cobra Buckles make donning and doffing a dull affair. The Micro Plate Carrier simply slides over your head, or a single shoulder, and can be quickly buckled up and tightened down. As well as quickly removed by simply releasing a single shoulder and side cobra buckle. The Micro Plate Carrier features intentionally sized shoulder strap length allowing the widest range of compatibility of sizes possible, on both our adult and youth configurations. Once adjusted, simply loopback the shoulder strap and secure as needed. Mesh inner webbing with patterned channels improve air flow and comfort when worn for longer durations. Front & Back webbing designed for MOLLE pouches and front side upper and lower Velcro sections allow for ID patches top & bottom, or a lower mounted chest rig (with optional chest rig adapter kit).

      The AR500 Armor® Micro Plate Carrier package includes (2) AR500 Armor® 8" x 10" ASC level III body armor plates, (1) rifle magazine pouch (4 mag capacity), and (1) Pistol magazine pouches. **Black Pouches ship with the Wolf Gray Micro Plate Carrier**

      The AR500 Armor® Micro Plate Carrier is the compact plate carrier you've been looking for, constructed to be comfortable, ruffed, and reliable! Compatible with all 8" x 10" hard and soft body armor and trauma pads. 

      *Shoulders pads included!

      New Variant now available! Micro Plate Carrier Slick Side: Our Slick Side variant does away with QD Cobra buckles on the shoulders & sides; replacing the top shoulder buckles with ITW Nexus loop locks; side buckles are replaced with ITW Nexus General 2" buckles. All webbing on the back side of the Micro is removed and replaced with a 4" Velcro ID Panel. Front side webbing includes 3 bottom rows with Velcro, compatible with all General mag pouches and chest rigs, accompanied by a 4" Velcro ID panel up top.

      Construction: 1000D Nylon and #92 Bonded Nylon Thread
      Weight: 1.1lb
      Configuration: Adjustable shoulder straps for a more comfortable and secure fit.
      Color: Black

      AR500 Armor® Micro Plate Carrier Features:

      • Designed from the ground up for comfortable and versatility
      • Armor package includes (2) 8" x 10" ASC Level III body armor, and mag pouches
      • Accepts 8" x 10" Soft and Hard Body Armor
      • Light weight and compact, while still providing adequate coverage
      • Excellent for small of female frames
      • Removable Shoulder Pads included!
      • Reduce armor weight by running 8" x 10 armor and increase mobility
      • ITW GT Cobra Buckles allow quick donning and doffing
      • Intentional sized shoulder straps fit a wide variety of frames
      • Inner mesh lining improves comfort and air flow
      • Front & Back webbing for MOLLE/Pouch attachment
      • Velcro web sections for ID panels or lower mounted chest rig
      • 100% Made in the USA!

      Package includes: 

      • (1) Micro Plate Carrier (with shoulder pads)
      • (1) Pistol Magazine Pouch
      • (1) Rifle Magazine Pouch
      • (2) AR500 Armor® Level III 8" x 10" ASC Flat Base Coat Plates