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      The Leonidas plate carrier is 100% Berry Compliant and made in U.S.A. This advanced plate carrier system is fit for a Spartan King, hence the name "Leonidas". This versatile plate carrier hosts a wide variety of proven features including a removable cummerbund. It is 100% American made with 100% MilSpec USA Materials. When you are looking for the toughest plate carrier available to take into battle this is it. Take a look at all the features below.

      Advanced plate carrier that is feature packed

      • 100% American Made “Berry Compliant”
      • 500 Denier 
      • Front Top Zippered Admin Pouch
      • Front Lower Velcro kangaroo pouch
      • PALS web attachment points covering the front, back and shoulders of the vest
      • Mil spec laser cut PALS Webbing on the shoulders
      • Cummerbund is designed to hold a 5"x15" IIIA soft armor inside each side.
      • Cummerbund has a proprietary retained shock cord system to allow stretch while being held in place to stop sagging.
      • Cummerbund is removable and the carrier is equipped with removable quick release buckles
      • Genuine US Mil Spec Webbing
      • Velcro on the back Drag Handle keeps it in place
      • Heavy Duty bar tacking at key stress points
      • Communication or hydration hose guides 
      • Padded Front and back interior of carrier with airflow channels sewn in
      • Front and back areas of Velcro for identifiers
      • Bottom Loading Plate Pockets accepts 10x12, SAPI and Similar Armor

      Configuration:   This armor comes as a pair, meaning you will receive both front and back plates, and optional side plates

      Level III+ Side Plates:   Choose from either 6″ x 6″ (small) or 6″ x 8″ (large)

      Full Coat or Base Coat Options: 

      We are excited to announce our potentially “life saving” breakthrough!  The strike face for our plates is mark embedded with our Spartan logo! Both sides of these plates are coated, however, the back side only has a “courtesy coat” to protect against wear and rust. The front of the plate is lined with 1/4-3/8 of our proprietary coating, Encapsaloc ™.  The result is a plate approximately 1/2-5/8” total thickness.  See our FAQ for more information about our Encapsaloc ™ process. By purchasing, you will receive (2) Formed Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor 10″x12” chest plates.  Due to popular demand, we have added a “base coat” only option for our AR500 Omega™ armor products. The base coat option has an extremely thin layer of our fragmentation mitigation coating to aesthetically enhance the plates, and to provide corrosion resistance. This coating has minimal, if any, fragmentation mitigation capabilities.