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It’s time to smash the long-standing myth that ties women and handguns together. Whether it is online or in stores, you will always find the idea of a woman carrying a handgun deemed absurd. Due to this reason, we found it suitable to provide women around the world with a guide to help themselves out in picking the perfect handgun for themselves.

In a world full of crime that poses a risk to women now and then, many women like to carry a handgun for self-defense purposes. It is a great tool for offering the right sense of security to women.

Would you play with an ill-fitted racket? No, you wouldn’t. Similarly, you wouldn’t choose a weapon that doesn’t fit your preferences too well. Thus, to use any weapon, it needs to fit properly.

The social stigma surrounding women carrying guns has deep roots. Many times, not just the vendors but even their husbands influence their decisions when it comes to picking the right handgun. For this reason, we think it would be great to have a simple guide that women can read so they can equip themselves with the perfect weapon of choice.

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A Simple Guide To Help Women Pick A Handgun

We want our women to pick a handgun that can shoot effectively. But a more important task of this guide is to help them in choosing a gun with which they feel comfortable themselves. Moreover, your gun handling skills should be so apt that they stop an attacker right in its track.

So how can you pick such a gun? We have answered this question based on four key factors to look for.


There are two main handicaps that many women face normally. The first one is arthritis or commonly referred to as severe joint pain.

As women age, they tend to have weaker bones, which reduces the strength they can enforce. For this reason, handguns for women need to have a much less force demand when pressing the trigger.

Many triggers are hard to pull. If a gun comes with a trigger that takes a lot of effort to make it work, then it’s useless. So always opt for a handgun that has an easy to press the trigger.

Another very commonly seen handicap situation is weak eyesight or any other hindrance in vision. However, don’t worry about this. There are many ways in which you can address your issue while buying a suitable handgun.

Start by answering the following questions:

  • Do you have a problem when it comes to lining up your sights to the target?
  • Do you have issues with the depth of field?
  • Are you cross-dominant (i.e., right-handed, left-eye dominant)?
  • Do you have an identical vision in both eyes?

Well, if your answer to any of the above questions is a ‘yes,’ then you may have to consider a handgun with optical sights.

The benefit of using an optical system is that it greatly decreases the amount of time you need to remove your weapon from the holster and further line it up on the target. You can see a nice, crisp red dot on the exact position where the bullet is supposed to hit.


Did you think we are referring to the size of the gun? Well, not really. Now we are going to talk about the physical size of the shooter.

We all know everyone has different heights and different shoe sizes. Therefore, the size of your hands may also vary. As the size is different from women to women, you have to make sure you pick a gun that can fit well in your small hands.

Women tend to have smaller hands. However, it does not mean that they cannot shoot using larger sized guns. They may have a problem in handling a gun that exceeds the size of their own hands. If a gun does not fit in your hand, your chances of using it correctly decrease significantly.

But there is a solution to this. You can easily find a handgun that suits your hand size perfectly. You can check this by picking a handgun in your palm. If your palm makes full contact with the backstrap, it means you have picked the correct sized handgun for yourself.


Next, we have to talk about finger placement when it comes to pressing the trigger. Experts believe in two ways. The first one is to keep the center of your finger in contact with the trigger. The second one asks you to make use of the first crease on your trigger finger.

With these two things in your mind, try picking the gun you want. Make sure that you can place your trigger finger in the desired position accurately. Your fingers should slip into place effortlessly and naturally. That’s when you will know you have made the best choice for yourself. 

You must be wondering why we are so focused on the trigger. Well, a lot of times, many women face issues when it comes to pressing the trigger to reach that sweet spot. They either do not place their fingers correctly. But mostly, the gun they have picked isn’t an ideal choice for their fingers.

You may also find that your finger is arched back in an awkward position when going for a trigger press. This means that the gun is too small for your hands.

Not checking the trigger finger placement can result in huge issues. Additionally, many women have reduced muscle strength due to weaker joint power. Thus, checking for the best trigger force becomes necessary.

Bonus Tip: When you pick a gun, the ideal fitting should reveal a visible space between the finger and the gun’s frame. Make sure that your trigger finger does not end up resting against the gun’s frame. 

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This is perhaps the most important factor that you may have to consider while picking the perfect handgun for yourself. The skills of a shooter end up heavily influencing their gun choices. For this reason, you have to make a thorough check of your skills.

When it comes to revolvers, you will notice that there is a fair chance to fail. Even though many vendors will encourage you to pick a revolver, they are making what we can call, perhaps a bad judgment. Revolvers are not easier to use as compared to semi-autos.

If we have to talk about mouse guns and mini pocket pistols, then there are several drawbacks to these too. They have a very sharp recoil. These guns also end up having a far greater muzzle rise than larger guns.

The simplicity of guns, such as Glocks, makes them very easy to use. You can easily start shooting with them even as a learner. They have double stacks and even single stacks for you to choose from.


Many people believe that .22LR is a good place, to begin with. It might be a good starting point for kids. However, to keep things classy, make 9mm your starting point. Spend some time on this to develop your grip before you move onto the next.