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What does it mean to me to be independent to me you may ask? It means being self-reliant. I met my husband when I was 15 in high school and we got married in March of this year. Prior to him I had only ever shot a gun once and I would have called myself more of a flight than fight person. When we started dating, he began taking me out to the range and teaching me all the basics of firearm safety.

I fell in love very quickly with shooting and him of course. Fast-forward to my 21st birthday and I was all ready and eager to get my concealed carry permit and I sure did that very same day. I even went and picked up my first gun, a Glock 43. Since then I still go out to the range and train, but I also carry everywhere that I go.

Couple Carrying guns at wedding


Taking my safety into my own hands has brought a new confidence to me and given me more of a fight than flight attitude. My life is valuable and I want to live to see the most of it. I am blessed to have a man to “protect me” when he can but I don’t want to need him. I want to be able to take care of myself and I want to show other women they can do it to.

Being an independent woman to me is having my safety net on me at all times. I have spent the last few years finding the most comfortable ways to carry for myself as well as helping other women find what works for them and showing them guns are not to be feared. 

Damsel in distress not


This is one of my greatest joys in life at the moment and I am just working even harder on sticking with this mindset. When I have kids in the future, I want them to know their mom is tough and will protect them at all costs, I want them to grow up and into that same attitude. The world is never going to get better, and nobody is coming to save you. You are your own first responder is one of my favorite quotes and I stand by that. Be independent, be self-reliant, be the best you that you can possibly be…you never know who you may influence.