Raising Tactical Daughters

Raising Tactical Daughters

This world is, for the most part, an amazing place to live at, am I right? However; As beautiful as life is and that’s a lot! - I wouldn’t be wise to ignore that sometimes dangerous situations will arise, so, why not be prepared for that?

We all love our daughters more than life itself, and we would go to great lengths to protect them from any peril that may be looming in the horizon. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and it is not realistic to do so. Eventually, our daughters will start their own lives, and as much as we desire to do so, we cannot be behind their every move. Nonetheless, there is something really valuable that we can do with the time that we have been given to educate them, and this is raising them to not need you,

  Raising Tactical Daughters




The objective of Raising Tactical Daughters is to motivate Outdoor Women, mothers and fathers of daughters, and those who generally love the outdoors to raise their daughters to be strong, intelligent, independent women who are ready to fight back, bow to no one and are capable of their own safekeeping! This is not only a precious gift to give to our daughters, but an invaluable gift to give to ourselves. After all, we all can sleep a bit better if we know that our beloved daughters are safe and ready to kick an ass should the need arise. Can’t we?

Raising a tactical daughter can be overwhelming at first. What should you do? When is it appropriate? Well, when it comes to education, everything takes time. However; Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to start raising a tactical daughter today.

Educate in awareness, not in fear:

A tactical woman doesn’t need to be constantly afraid, but needs to be constantly aware. Educating in awareness can start from very early on! Introducing awareness to your kid doesn’t need to be hard. Instead of constant warnings, try with awareness. Change the “You’re going to fall if you keep on playing in the fence!” you can try “Can you feel the grip of your feet?” or “What if you slipped now?” This way, you are changing the approach, instead of teaching your daughter to avoid the peril or to fear playing by the fence, you are teaching her to gain awareness of her body, the surroundings, and think about possible scenarios.

Assertiveness goes a long way:

Sun Tzu made a fantastic job summarizing the ultimate badass move in his always up-to-date The Art Of War! “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” 

Raising an assertive daughter can be the difference between raising a daughter that is ready to fight, and raising a daughter that is not only ready to fight, but that doesn’t have to! Assertiveness is the ultimate social skills! An assertive daughter will make a great job at establishing boundaries and standing up for herself, leaving little room to an actual compromised situation, because said situation will have been left out of the question to begin with! 

Teach your daughter that her voice matters, that her opinion is relevant, that her needs are important and her boundaries necessary. Everyone likes a lady, but the traditional “lady” behavior can fall a bit too much into pleasing others, and be short on actually keeping herself happy. For this reason, educating in assertiveness can be one of the most important things that you will ever do!

Introduce self-defense, because sometimes, shit does happen:

Teach self-defense from an early age as well as the proper use of tactical weapons when it is age-appropriate. Clearly, the best possible scenario is that in which you daughter manages to get away from a dangerous situation without a confrontation, but this is not always possible, and she needs to be ready for the possibility that it might happen! 

The most important thing is that you teach her when a tactical weapon can turn against her, and how and when it can be put to good use and save the day! For instance, pepper sprays are a great option for they work at a distance, but in a windy environment, it can easily turn against her! On the other hand, a kubotan or tactical pencil can be a fantastic tool to deal with an opponent, but it can only be used in short distances, that make the confrontation more dangerous. Offer different options and teach her how to decide when each one is most suitable, so your little princess can kick ass when required and leave the scene in her own shiny white horse!

This is not a comprehensive list, but it can be a starting point to raise your daughter to be safe outdoors, gain a sense of independence and most importantly not need you - or anyone else - to save the day for her!