Our Mission

Raising Tactical Daughters is a Non-Profit organization that bridges the gap between women and young girls at risk of getting assaulted, abused and raped, and enables them to be in total control of their own safety. We focus on training and educating girls and women of any age the basics of Situational Awareness, Conflict De-escalation, and non lethal Self Defense.

Training & Education

Life saving training for you and your kids. From online courses to in-person training, learn what to look for and how to react.

Therapy Services

Therapy is such an important part of the recovery process. We will work with the survivor in finding the right type of therapy for them.

Survivor well being

Our Survivors well-being is very important to us. Your donation will will help with training and education, basic necessities, relocation, therapy, legal fees, food and shelter.

How You Save Lives

Save her life!

Success Stories

I've never really considered how many times I might have been in danger nor have I thought about what I would do if something ever happened to. Raising Tactical Daughters has opened my eyes to the real world, and although nothing ever happened to me I can teach my daughters how to be safe and that's solely from Raising Tactical Daughters.

Carissa B

I started following RTD on Instagram a few months ago. The stories they share and awareness videos they post seem so unreal. But then one of the awareness videos they posted happened to me at a store. I felt like I knew how to handle it just because of me casually looking through their profile. I now pay attention a lot more and apply it to my every day life.

Stephanie L

Raising Tactical Daughters is trying to do somehting that I dont think anyone else is, and thats answering the cry for help we as women have been screaming for. As a survivor of DV for many years, I want to make sure my daughter never sees what that is like. As a mother sending her little girl to college in a couple years, I wanted to find something to teach her so she would be safe. And I honestly think I found that with Raising Tactical Daughters. Thank you for everyhting you do.

Brittany M